Core Communications: HTTP/HTTPS Transport Channels

This topic lists all exceptions generated by Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Transport HTTP/HTTPS Channels.

Exception List

Resource Code Resource String
DigestExplicitCredsImpersonationLevel The specified impersonation level was specified. HTTP Digest authentication only supports the 'Impersonation' level when used with an explicit credential.
FramingContentTypeMismatch The specified content type was not supported by the specified service. The client and service bindings may be mismatched.
Hosting_SslSettingsMisconfigured The Secure Sockets Layer settings for the specified service do not match those of the Internet Information Services.
HttpAuthSchemeAndClientCert The HTTPS listener factory was configured to require a client certificate and the specified authentication scheme. However, only one form of client authentication can be required at one time.
HttpReceiveFailure An error occurred while receiving the HTTP response to the specified. The service endpoint binding may not be using the HTTP protocol. Another possibility is that an HTTP request context was terminated by the server because of a service shutting down. See the server logs for more details.
HttpRegistrationAccessDenied HTTP cannot register the specified URL. Your process does not have access rights to this namespace (see for details).
HttpRegistrationAlreadyExists HTTP cannot register the specified URL. Another application already registered this URL with HTTP.SYS.
HttpRegistrationPortInUse HTTP cannot register the specified URL because the specified TCP port is being used by another application.
HttpSendFailure An error occurred while making the HTTP request to the specified. Ensure that the cause is not a security binding mismatch. Also ensure that the service is not configured for Secure Sockets Layer.
MessageXmlProtocolError A problem occurred with the XML that was received from the network. See the inner exception for more details.
MissingContentType The receiver returned an error that indicates that the content type was missing on the request to the specified. See the inner exception for more information.
ProxyAuthenticationLevelMismatch The HTTP proxy authentication credential specified a mutual authentication requirement that is stricter than the requirement for the target server authentication.
ProxyImpersonationLevelMismatch The HTTP proxy authentication credential specified an impersonation level restriction that is stricter than the restriction for the target server authentication.
SecureChannelFailure A secure channel cannot be established for Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security with the specified authority.
TrustFailure A trust relationship cannot be established for the Secure Socket Layer/ Transport Layer Security secure channel with the specified authority.
UseDefaultWebProxyCantBeUsedWithExplicitProxyAddress You cannot specify an explicit proxy address as well as UseDefaultWebProxy=true in your HttpTransportBinding element.