IdentityModel Exceptions

This topic lists all exceptions generated by IdentityModel.

Exception List

Resource Code Current String
ValueMustBeOf2Types The value of this argument must be one of these two types.
SAMLSubjectNameIdentifierRequiresNameValue The 'Name' specified for a SamlNameIdentifier cannot be null or of length 0.
TraceCodeIssuanceTokenProviderEndSecurityNegotiation The IssuanceTokenProvider has completed the security negotiation.
TraceCodeSecurityNewServerSessionKeyIssued A new security session key was issued by the server.
SAMLAttributeMissingNameAttributeOnRead The 'Name' for the SamlAttribute being read is missing or is of length 0.
UnknownICryptoType The ICrypto implementation is not supported.
TraceCodeSecurityTokenProviderClosed Security Token Provider was closed.
SAMLUnableToLoadAdvice Failed to load the <saml:advice> element.
SAMLAuthenticationStatementMissingAuthenticationMethodOnRead The 'AuthenticationMethod' attribute being read for a SamlAuthenticationStatement is missing or of length 0.
UnsupportedTransformAlgorithm Unsupported transform or canonicalization algorithm.
SAMLAudienceRestrictionShouldHaveOneAudience A SamlAudienceRestrictionCondition must contain at least one Audience (URI).
SAMLEvidenceShouldHaveOneAssertion SamlEvidence must reference at least one SamlAssertion either by Id or reference.
SAMLAudienceRestrictionInvalidAudienceValueOnRead The SamlAudienceRestrictionCondition being read is missing a value in the 'Audience' element.
X509ChainBuildFail The specific X.509 certificate chain building failed. The certificate that was used has a trust chain that cannot be verified. Replace the certificate or change the certificateValidationMode.
XDCannotFindValueInDictionaryString The specific value id not found in the dictionary string.
TraceCodeImportSecurityChannelBindingEntry Starting Security ImportChannelBinding.
PrivateKeyExchangeNotSupported The private key does not support the exchange KeySpec.
TokenProviderUnableToGetToken The specific token provider was unable to provide a security token.
SAMLEntityCannotBeNullOrEmpty The specific SamlAssertion entity cannot be null or empty.
SAMLAssertionRequireOneStatement A SamlAssertion requires at least one statement. Ensure that you have added at least one SamlStatement to the SamlAssertion you are creating.
AESInvalidInputBlockSize The input size must be a multiple of specific bytes.
AESCryptAcquireContextFailed Failed to acquire the CSP context.
SAMLAssertionRequireOneStatementOnRead The SamlAssertion being read did not contain any SamlStatement. A SamlAssertion must contain at least one SamlStatement.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionClosedFaultReceived The client security session received a session closed fault from the server.
TraceCodeIssuanceTokenProviderRedirectApplied IssuanceTokenProvider applied a redirection header.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionClosedFaultSendFailure A failure occurred when sending a security session closed fault to the client.
ValueMustBeZero The value of this argument must be 0.
SAMLUnableToResolveSignatureKey Unable to resolve SecurityKeyIdentifier found in the SamlAssertion signature. The SamlAssertion signature cannot be validated for the specific Issuer.
X509IsNotInTrustedStore The specific X.509 certificate is not in the trusted people store.
SAMLElementNotRecognized The specific element is not supported.
SAMLAuthorizationDecisionStatementMissingResourceAttributeOnRead The 'Resource' attribute for the SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement being read is missing or of length 0.
SamlTokenMissingSignature The SamlAssertion is not signed. SamlAssertions can be signed by setting the SigningCredentials.
ExpectedElementMissing The expected element with the specific namespace is missing.
NoKeyIdentifierClauseFound No clause of the specific type was found in the SecurityKeyIdentifier.
MissingPrivateKey The private key is not present in the X.509 certificate.
UnexpectedEOFFromReader Unexpected EOF from XML reader.
UnsupportedKeyDerivationAlgorithm The specific key derivation algorithm is not supported.
TokenDoesNotSupportKeyIdentifierClauseCreation The specific token does not support the specific key identifier clause creation.
LastMessageNumberExceeded A violation of sequence number protocol has been detected.
SymmetricKeyLengthTooShort The length of the symmetric key specified is too short.
SAMLAuthorityBindingMissingAuthorityKindOnRead The SamlAuthorityBinding being read was found to contain an 'AuthorityKind' that was missing or of length 0. This is not allowed.
XmlTokenBufferIsEmpty XmlTokenBuffer is empty.
InvalidXmlQualifiedName An Xml qualified name was expected, but an invalid name was found.
SAMLAuthorityKindMissingName The XmlQualifiedName that represents the 'AuthorityKind' in the SamlAuthorityBinding cannot be null or of length 0.
AESCryptEncryptFailed Failed to encrypt the specific data.
AuthorizationContextCreated Authorization Context with the specific id is created.
SamlSerializerUnableToReadSecurityKeyIdentifier The SamlSerializer does not contain a SecurityTokenSerializer capable of reading the SecurityKeyIdentifier. If you are using a custom SecurityKeyIdentifier, you must provide a custom SecurityTokenSerializer.
TraceCodeIssuanceTokenProviderServiceTokenCacheFull IssuanceTokenProvider reduced the service token cache.
TraceCodeSecurityTokenProviderOpened Security Token Provider was opened.
PublicKeyNotRSA The public key is not an RSA key.
InvalidReaderState The specific state is invalid for the supplied input reader.
UnableToResolveReferenceUriForSignature Unable to resolve the specific URI in the signature to compute the digest.
EmptyBase64Attribute An empty value was found for the required base64 attribute name and namespace.
SAMLSubjectRequiresConfirmationMethodWhenConfirmationDataOrKeyInfoIsSpecified The SAML SubjectConfirmation requires a Confirmation method when the Confirmation Data or KeyInfo is specified.
SAMLAudienceRestrictionShouldHaveOneAudienceOnRead The SamlAudienceRestrictionCondition being read must contain at least one 'Audience' value. None were found.
TokenProviderUnableToRenewToken The specific token provider was unable to renew the security token.
AESIVLengthNotSupported The specific bits IV is not supported. Only 128 bits IV is supported.
SAMLAuthorityBindingMissingAuthorityKind A SamlAuthorityBinding must contain an 'AuthorityKind' that is not null.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionDemuxFailure The incoming message is not part of an existing security session.
TokenRenewalNotSupported The specific token provider does not support token renewal.
AtLeastOneReferenceRequired At least one reference is required in a signature.
SAMLSignatureAlreadyRead The signature is already read in the SAML assertion.
AlgorithmAndPrivateKeyMisMatch The algorithm specified and the private key do not match.
EmptyTransformChainNotSupported The empty transform chain is not supported.
SspiWrapperEncryptDecryptAssert1 SSPIWrapper::EncryptDecryptHelper|'offset' is out of range.
SspiWrapperEncryptDecryptAssert2 SSPIWrapper::EncryptDecryptHelper|'size' is out of range. SecurityTokenManagerCannotCreateAuthenticatorForRequirement=The security token manager cannot create a token authenticator for the specific requirement.
UnableToCreateKeyedHashAlgorithm Unable to create a KeyedHashAlgorithm from the specific value for the specific signature algorithm.
SAMLUnableToLoadAssertion The <saml:assertion> element failed to load.
X509FindValueMismatchMulti The specific X509FindType requires the type of the argument findValue to be one of the 2 values. The argument findValue is of another type.
TraceCodeSecurityIdentityDeterminationSuccess Identity was determined for an EndpointAddress.
UndefinedUseOfPrefixAtElement The specific prefix that is used at the element has no namespace defined.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionResponderOperationFailure Security session operation failed at the server.
CannotFindCert Unable to find the X.509 certificate using the specific search criteria: StoreName , StoreLocation, FindType, FindValue.
X509InvalidUsageTime The specific X.509 certificate usage time is invalid. The usage time does not fall between the required NotBefore time and NotAfter time.
TraceCodeSecurityIdentityDeterminationFailure Identity cannot be determined for an EndpointAddress.
AsyncObjectAlreadyEnded The End method has already been called on this asynchronous result object.
ExternalDictionaryDoesNotContainAllRequiredStrings The external dictionary does not contain definitions for all the required strings. The specific string is not available in the remote dictionary.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionKeyRenewalFaultReceived The client security session received a key renewal fault from the server.
SAMLActionNameRequired The string that represents the SamlAction cannot be null or of length 0.
SignatureVerificationFailed The signature verification failed.
TraceCodeSecurityContextTokenCacheFull The SecurityContextSecurityToken cache is full.
SAMLAssertionMissingMajorVersionAttributeOnRead The MajorVersion for the SamlAssertion being read is missing or is of length 0.
SamlAttributeClaimRightShouldBePossessProperty This SamlAttribute constructor requires that the Right of the Claim have the value System.IdentityModel.Claims.Rights.PossessProperty.
AuthorizationPolicyEvaluated Policy with the specific id is evaluated.
SAMLUnableToLoadCondtions The <saml:conditions> element failed to load.
AESKeyLengthNotSupported The specific bits key is not supported. Only 128, 192 and 256 bits key is supported.
UserNameCannotBeEmpty The username cannot be empty.
AlgorithmAndPublicKeyMisMatch The algorithm specified and the public key do not match.
SAMLUnableToLoadCondtion The <saml:conditions> element failed to load.
SamlAssertionMissingSigningCredentials SigningCredentials have not been set on the SamlAssertion. SamlAssertions must be signed, please set a valid SigningCredentials on the SamlAssertion to proceed.
SspiPayloadNotEncrypted The binary data was not encrypted with the SSPI security context.
SAMLAuthorizationDecisionShouldHaveOneActionOnRead The SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement that is being read does not contain any SamlAction.
TraceCodeSecurityBindingSecureOutgoingMessageFailure The security protocol cannot secure the outgoing message.
UndefinedUseOfPrefixAtAttribute The specific prefix used at the specific attribute has no namespace defined.
NoInputIsSetForCanonicalization No input is set for writing canonicalized output.
TraceCodeSecurityPendingServerSessionAdded A pending security session is added to the server.
AsyncCallbackException An AsyncCallback threw an exception.
PrivateKeyNotRSA The private key is not a RSA key.
TraceCodeSecurityClientSessionKeyRenewed The client security session renewed the session key.
SAMLAuthorizationDecisionStatementMissingDecisionAttributeOnRead The 'Decision' for the SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement being read is missing or of length 0.
SAMLAttributeNameAttributeRequired The 'Name' specified for a SamlAttribute cannot be null or of length 0.
SamlSerializerRequiresExternalSerializers The SamlSerializer requires a SecurityTokenSerializer to serialize the SecurityKeyIdentifier present in the token.
UnableToResolveKeyReference The token resolver is unable to resolve the specific security key reference.
UnsupportedKeyWrapAlgorithm The specific key wrap algorithm is not supported.
SAMLAssertionMissingIssuerAttributeOnRead The 'Issuer' for the SamlAssertion being read is missing or is of length 0.
TraceCodeIssuanceTokenProviderUsingCachedToken The IssuanceTokenProvider used the cached service token.
AESCryptGetKeyParamFailed Failed to get the specific key parameter.
InvalidNamespaceForEmptyPrefix The namespace is invalid for the empty prefix.
AESCipherModeNotSupported The specific cipher mode is not supported. Only CBC is supported.
ArgumentCannotBeEmptyString The argument must be a non-empty string.
SAMLAssertionMissingMinorVersionAttributeOnRead The MinorVersion for the SamlAssertion being read is missing or is of length 0.
SpecifiedStringNotAvailableInDictionary The specified string is not an entry in the current dictionary.
KerberosApReqInvalidOrOutOfMemory The AP-REQ is invalid or the system does not have enough memory.
FailLogonUser The LogonUser failed for the specified user. Ensure that the user has a valid Windows account.
ValueMustBeNonNegative The value of this argument must be non-negative.
X509ValidationFail The specified X.509 certificate validation failed.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionRequestorOperationSuccess The security session operation completed successfully at the client.
SAMLActionNameRequiredOnRead The string that is read for the SamlAction is missing or is of length 0.
KerberosMultilegsNotSupported Identity is specified as UPN. Authenticating a service running under a user account requires Kerberos multi-legs, which is unsupported.
SAMLAssertionIdRequired The 'assertionId' for a SamlAssertion cannot be null or empty.
InvalidOperationForWriterState The specified operation is invalid in the specified XmlWriter state.
CannotValidateSecurityTokenType The specified security token authenticator cannot validate a token of the specified type.
X509FindValueMismatch The specified X509FindType requires the type of the argument findValue to be the specified value. The argument findValue is of another type.
TraceCodeSecurityClientSessionCloseSent A Close message was sent by the client security session.
SuiteDoesNotAcceptAlgorithm The specified algorithm is not accepted for the specified operation by the specified algorithm suite
TraceCodeSecuritySessionRequestorOperationFailure The client security session operation failed.
SAMLUnableToLoadStatement Failed to load a SamlStatement.
InnerReaderMustBeAtElement The inner reader must be at the element.
UnableToCreateTokenReference Unable to create a security token reference.
TraceCodeSecurityBindingIncomingMessageVerified The security protocol verified the incoming message.
ObjectIsReadOnly The object is read-only.
TraceCodeSecurityClientSessionPreviousKeyDiscarded The client security session discarded the previous session key.
SAMLTokenTimeInvalid The SamlToken is not time valid. The current time is outside the Effective and Expiration time of the token.
TraceCodeSecurityIdentityVerificationSuccess Identity verification succeeded.
SigningTokenHasNoKeys The specified signing token has no keys.
TraceCodeSecurityIdentityVerificationFailure Identity verification failed.
AESCryptImportKeyFailed Failed to import the key material.
FailInitializeSecurityContext InitializeSecurityContent failed. Ensure the service principal name is correct.
TraceCodeStreamSecurityUpgradeAccepted The stream security upgrade was accepted successfully.
SAMLAuthorityBindingRequiresLocation The 'Location' attribute that is specified on the SamlAuthorityBinding cannot be null or of length 0.
PublicKeyNotDSA The public key is not a DSA key.
ImpersonationLevelNotSupported The authentication modes using Kerberos do not support the specified impersonation level. Specify a valid identification or impersonation level.
RequiredTargetNotSigned The element with the specified id is required to be signed, but was not.
SAMLAuthenticationStatementMissingAuthenticationInstanceOnRead The 'AuthenticationInstant' attribute being read for a SamlAuthenticationStatement is missing or of length 0.
SAMLEvidenceShouldHaveOneAssertionOnRead The SamlEvidence being read did not contain either a reference to or an embedded SamlAssertion.
LengthOfArrayToConvertMustGreaterThanZero The length of the array to convert to an integer must be greater than 0.
InvalidAsyncResult Invalid AsyncResult.
TraceCodeIssuanceTokenProviderRemovedCachedToken The IssuanceTokenProvider removed the expired service token.
IncorrectUserNameFormat The username is in an invalid format. The username format must be in the form of "username' or 'domain\\username'.
TraceCodeExportSecurityChannelBindingEntry Starting Security ExportChannelBinding.
UnsupportedInputTypeForTransform The specified input type is not supported for the transform.
CannotFindDocumentRoot Cannot find the root of the document.
XmlBufferQuotaExceeded The size necessary to buffer the XML content exceeded the buffer quota.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionClosedResponseSendFailure A failure occurred when sending a security session Close response to the client.
UnableToResolveReferenceInSamlSignature Unable to resolve the specified reference in the SAML signature with AssertionID.
SAMLSubjectRequiresNameIdentifierOrConfirmationMethod A SamlSubject requires that a 'NameIdentifier' or 'ConfirmationMethod' be specified. Both were missing.
SAMLAttributeMissingNamespaceAttributeOnRead The 'Namespace' for the SamlAttribute being read is missing or of length 0.
SAMLSubjectConfirmationClauseMissingConfirmationMethodOnRead A 'ConfirmationMethod' cannot be found on the SamlSubjectConfirmation being read.
SecurityTokenRequirementHasInvalidTypeForProperty The token requirement has an unexpected type for the specified property. The expected property type is of another value.
TraceCodeNegotiationTokenProviderAttached NegotiationTokenProvider was attached.
TraceCodeSpnegoClientNegotiationCompleted SpnegoTokenProvider completed SSPI negotiation.
SAMLUnableToLoadUnknownElement The selected SamlSerializer is unable to deserialize this element. Please register a custom SamlSerializer to deserialize custom elements.
CreateSequenceRefused The create sequence request has been refused by the RM Destination.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionRedirectApplied The client security session was redirected.
SecurityTokenRequirementDoesNotContainProperty The token requirement does not contain the specified property.
SAMLAttributeValueCannotBeNull One of the attributeValues found in the SamlAttribute was found to be a null value. Ensure that lists are not null when creating the SamlAttribute.
ValueMustBeGreaterThanZero The value of this argument must be greater than 0.
TraceCodeNegotiationAuthenticatorAttached NegotiationTokenAuthenticator was attached.
SAMLAuthorizationDecisionShouldHaveOneAction A SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement must have at least one SamlAction.
TraceCodeSecurityTokenAuthenticatorClosed Security Token Authenticator was closed.
TraceCodeSecurityAuditWrittenSuccess The security audit log is written successfully.
PrivateKeyNotDSA The private key is not a DSA key.
MessageNumberRollover The maximum sequence number for this sequence has been exceeded.
AESPaddingModeNotSupported The specified padding mode is not supported. Only PKCS7 and ISO10126 is supported.
SAMLSubjectRequiresNameIdentifierOrConfirmationMethodOnRead The required 'NameIdentifier' and the 'ConfirmationMethod' elements are not found for the SamlSubject being read.
TraceCodeSecurityAuditWrittenFailure A failure occurred while writing to the security audit log.
UnsupportedCryptoAlgorithm The specified crypto algorithm is not supported in this context.
SigningTokenHasNoKeysSupportingTheAlgorithmSuite The signing token has no key that supports the specified algorithm suite.
SAMLNameIdentifierMissingIdentifierValueOnRead The 'Identifier' string for the SamlNameIdentifier being read is missing.
SAMLSubjectStatementRequiresSubject The SAML Subject Statement requires a SAML subject to be specified.
TraceCodeSslClientCertMissing The remote SSL client failed to provide a required certificate.
SAMLTokenVersionNotSupported The specified major version and minor version are not supported.
TraceCodeConfigurationIsReadOnly The configuration is read-only.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionRenewFaultSendFailure A failure occurred when sending a renewal fault on the security session key to the client.
TraceCodeSecurityInactiveSessionFaulted An inactive security session was faulted by the server.
SAMLUnableToLoadAttribute Failed to load a SamlAttribute.
Psha1KeyLengthInvalid The specified PSHA1 key length is invalid.
KeyIdentifierCannotCreateKey This SecurityKeyIdentifier does not have any clause that can create a key.
X509IsInUntrustedStore The specified X.509 certificate is in an untrusted certificate store.
UnexpectedXmlChildNode The specified XML child node of specified type is unexpected for the specified element.
TokenDoesNotMeetKeySizeRequirements The key size requirements for the specified algorithm suite are not met by the specified token.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionRequestorStartOperation A security session operation was started at the client.
InvalidHexString Invalid hexadecimal string format.
SamlAttributeClaimResourceShouldBeAString This SamlAttribute constructor requires that the resource of the claim is of type 'string'.
SamlSigningTokenNotFound The SamlAssertion is signed but the token that signed the SamlAssertion cannot be found. Ensure that the SecurityTokenResolver contains the token that signed the SamlAssertion.
TraceCodeSecuritySpnToSidMappingFailure The ServicePrincipalName could not be mapped to a SecurityIdentifier.
UnableToCreateSignatureFormatterFromAsymmetricCrypto Unable to create a signature formatter for the specified algorithm from the specified asymmetric crypto.
TraceCodeSecurityServerSessionClosedFaultSent The server security session sent a session closed fault to the client.
UnableToFindPrefix Unable to find the prefix for the specified visibly used prefix at the specified element.
TraceCodeSecurityTokenAuthenticatorOpened Security Token Authenticator was opened.
RequiredAttributeMissing The specified attribute is required on the specified element.
LocalIdCannotBeEmpty The localId cannot be empty. Specify a valid 'localId'.
ValueMustBeInRange The value of this argument must fall within the specified range.
TraceCodeIssuanceTokenProviderBeginSecurityNegotiation IssuanceTokenProvider started a new security negotiation.
InvalidNtMapping The specified X.509 certificate cannot be mapped to a Windows account. The UPN subject alternate name is required.
AESCryptSetKeyParamFailed Failed to set the specified key parameter.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionClosedResponseReceived The client security session received a closed response from the server.
UnableToCreateSignatureDeformatterFromAsymmetricCrypto Unable to create a signature deformatter for the specified algorithm from the specified asymmetric crypto.
TraceCodeIdentityModelAsyncCallbackThrewException An asynchronous callback threw an exception.
LengthMustBeGreaterThanZero The length of this argument must be greater than 0.
FoundMultipleCerts Found multiple X.509 certificates using the specified search criteria: StoreName, StoreLocation, FindType, FindValue. Provide a more specific find value.
AtLeastOneTransformRequired The Transforms element must contain at least one transform.
SAMLTokenNotSerialized The SamlAssertion could not be serialized to XML. Please see inner exception for details.
TraceCodeSecurityBindingOutgoingMessageSecured The security protocol secured the outgoing message.
KeyIdentifierClauseDoesNotSupportKeyCreation This SecurityKeyIdentifierClause does not support key creation.
UnableToResolveTokenReference The token resolver is unable to resolve the specified token reference.
UnsupportedEncryptionAlgorithm The specified encryption algorithm is not supported.
SamlSerializerUnableToWriteSecurityKeyIdentifier The SamlSerializer does not contain a SecurityTokenSerializer capable of serializing the given SecurityKeyIdentifier. If you are using a custom SecurityKeyIdentifier, you must provide a custom SecurityTokenSerializer.
SAMLAttributeShouldHaveOneValue No attribute values were found. A SamlAttribute attribute must have at least one attribute value.
TraceCodeSecurityBindingVerifyIncomingMessageFailure Security protocol cannot verify the incoming message.
SamlSigningTokenMissing The SamlAssertion passed to the SamlSecurityTokenAuthenticator does not contain a signing token.
NoPrivateKeyAvailable No private key is available.
ValueMustBeOne The value of this argument must be 1.
TraceCodeSecurityPendingServerSessionRemoved A pending security session was made active by the server.
TraceCodeImportSecurityChannelBindingExit Finished Security ImportChannelBinding.
X509CertStoreLocationNotValid The StoreLocation must be either LocalMachine or CurrentUser.
SettingdMayBeModifiedOnlyWhenTheWriterIsInStartState The writer settings may be modified only when the writer is in the Start state.
ArgumentInvalidCertificate The certificate is invalid.
DigestVerificationFailedForReference Digest verification failed for the specified Reference.
SAMLAuthorityBindingRequiresBinding The 'Binding' attribute specified on the SamlAuthorityBinding cannot be null or of length 0.
AESInsufficientOutputBuffer The output buffer must be greater than the specified bytes.
SAMLAuthorityBindingMissingBindingOnRead The 'Binding' attribute for the SamlAuthorityBinding being read is missing or of length 0.
SAMLAuthorityBindingInvalidAuthorityKind The SamlAuthorityBinding being read has an invalid AuthorityKind. The format of the AuthorityKind must be a QName.
ProvidedNetworkCredentialsForKerberosHasInvalidUserName The NetworkCredentials provided for the Kerberos Token does not have a valid UserName.
SSPIPackageNotSupported The specified SSPI package is not supported.
TokenCancellationNotSupported The specified token provider does not support token cancellation.
UnboundPrefixInQName An unbound prefix is used in the specified qualified name.
SAMLAuthorizationDecisionResourceRequired The 'resource' specified to the SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement cannot be null or of length 0.
TraceCodeSecurityNegotiationProcessingFailure Service security negotiation processing failure.
SAMLAssertionIssuerRequired The 'Issuer' specified for a SamlAssertion cannot be null or empty.
UnableToCreateHashAlgorithmFromAsymmetricCrypto Unable to create a HashAlgorithm for the specified algorithm from the specified asymmetric crypto.
SamlUnableToExtractSubjectKey The SecurityKeyIdentifier that was found in the SamlSubject cannot be resolved to a SecurityToken. The SecurityTokenResolver must contain a SecurityToken that the SecurityKeyIdentifier resolves to.
ChildNodeTypeMissing The specified XML element does not have a child of the specified type.
TraceCodeSecurityPendingServerSessionClosed The pending security session was closed by the server.
TraceCodeSecuritySessionCloseResponseSent The server security session sent a Close response to the client.
TraceCodeSecurityIdentityHostNameNormalizationFailure The HostName portion of an endpoint address cannot be normalized.
FailAcceptSecurityContext The AcceptSecurityContext failed.
EmptyXmlElementError The specified element cannot be empty.
PrefixNotDefinedForNamespace A prefix for the specified namespace is not defined in this context and cannot be declared.
SAMLAuthorizationDecisionHasMoreThanOneEvidence The SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement being read was found to contain more than one Evidence. This is not allowed.
SamlTokenAuthenticatorCanOnlyProcessSamlTokens The SamlSecurityTokenAuthenticator can only process SamlSecurityTokens. The specified SecurityTokenType was received .
SAMLAttributeStatementMissingAttributeOnRead The SamlAttributeStatement being read does not contain any 'SamlAttribute' elements. This is not allowed.
CouldNotFindNamespaceForPrefix Cannot look up the namespace for the specified prefix.
TraceCodeExportSecurityChannelBindingExit Finished Security ExportChannelBinding.
AESCryptDecryptFailed Failed to decrypt the specified data.
SAMLAttributeNamespaceAttributeRequired The 'Namespace' specified for a SamlAttribute cannot be null or of length 0.
TraceCodeSpnegoServiceNegotiationCompleted SpnegoTokenAuthenticator completed SSPI negotiation.
TraceCodeSecurityServerSessionRenewalFaultSent The server security session sent a key renewal fault to the client.
AlgorithmMismatchForTransform A mismatch occurred on the algorithm for the transform.
UserNameAuthenticationFailed Authentication of a username/password using the specified mechanism failed. User is not authenticated.
SamlInvalidSigningToken The SamlAssertion has been signed with a token that was not validated according to the protocol. If you are using X.509 certificates, examine your validation semantics.
TraceCodeSecurityServerSessionKeyUpdated The security session key was updated by the server.
TraceCodeSecurityServerSessionCloseReceived The server security session received a Close message from the client.
SAMLAuthenticationStatementMissingSubject The SamlAuthenticationStatement is missing the required SamlSubjectStatement.
UnexpectedEndOfFile Unexpected end of file.
UnsupportedAlgorithmForCryptoOperation The specified algorithm is not supported for the specified operation.
XmlLangAttributeMissing The required xml:lang attribute is missing.
TraceCodeSecurityImpersonationSuccess Security Impersonation succeeded at the server.
SAMLAuthorityBindingMissingLocationOnRead The 'Location' attribute for the SamlAuthorityBinding being read is missing or of length 0.
SAMLAttributeStatementMissingSubjectOnRead The 'SamlSubject' element for the SamlAttributeStatement is missing.
SAMLAuthorizationDecisionStatementMissingSubjectOnRead The 'SamlSubject' element for SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement being read is missing.
SAMLBadSchema While reading a SamlAssertion this specified element was found not to comply with the schema.
SAMLAssertionIDIsInvalid The specified 'assertionId' for a SamlAssertion must start with a letter or '_'.
TraceCodeSecurityActiveServerSessionRemoved An active security session was removed by the server.
UnableToCreateKeyedHashAlgorithmFromSymmetricCrypto Unable to create a keyedHashAlgorithm for the specified algorithm from the specified symmetric crypto.
SAMLAuthenticationStatementMissingAuthenticationMethod The 'AuthenticationMethod' specified for a SamlAuthenticationStatement cannot be null or of length 0.
TraceCodeSecurityImpersonationFailure Security impersonation failed at the server.
Default (Default)
UnsupportedNodeTypeInReader The specified node type with the specified name is not supported.