Procedural Workflows

Procedural workflows use flow-control methods similar to those found in procedural languages. These constructs include While and If. These workflows can be freely composed using other flow control activities such as Flowchart and Sequence.

Controlling Execution Flow

The workflow activity library has activities for modeling most flow-control methods used in procedural languages. These include:

To use flow control activities, drag and drop them from the Activity toolbox into a composite activity inside the designer window.


If using the hosting features of Windows Server AppFabric to host workflows on a Web farm, AppFabric will move instances between different AppFabric servers. This requires that the resources are able to be shared between all nodes. None of the default NET 4 workflow activities contain any operations that access local resources. Since AppFabric does not offer any mechanism to mark a workflow as immovable, a developer must not create custom activities that fail when a workflow is moved.

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