Transaction Activities in WF

The .NET Framework 4.6.1 has several system-provided activities for modeling transactions, compensation, and cancellation. These programming models allow the workflow to continue forward progress in the event of changes in business logic and error handling. For more information about transactions, compensation, and cancellation, see Transactions, Compensation, and Cancellation.

Transaction Activities

CancellationScope Associates cancellation logic, in the form of an activity, with a main path of execution, also expressed as an activity.
CompensableActivity Supports compensation of its child activities.
Compensate Explicitly invokes the compensation handler of a CompensableActivity.
Confirm Explicitly invokes the confirmation handler of a CompensableActivity.
TransactionScope Demarcates a transaction boundary.
TransactedReceiveScope Scopes the lifetime of a transaction that is initiated by a received message. The transaction may be flowed into the workflow on the initiating message, or created by the dispatcher when the message is received. Note: The TransactedReceiveScope is located in the Messaging section of the Toolbox.