ContextMenu Component (Windows Forms)


Although MenuStrip and ContextMenuStrip replace and add functionality to the MainMenu and ContextMenu controls of previous versions, MainMenu and ContextMenu are retained for both backward compatibility and future use if you choose.

The Windows Forms ContextMenu component is used to provide users with an easily accessible shortcut menu of frequently used commands that are associated with the selected object. The items in a shortcut menu are frequently a subset of the items from main menus that appear elsewhere in the application. Shortcut menus are usually available by right-clicking the mouse. On Windows Forms they are associated with other controls.

In This Section

ContextMenu Component Overview
Introduces the general concepts of the ContextMenu component, which allows users to create menus of frequently used commands associated with a selected object.

How to: Add and Remove Menu Items with the Windows Forms ContextMenu Component
Explains how to add and remove shortcut menu items in Windows Forms.


Provides reference information on the ContextMenu class and its members.

Controls to Use on Windows Forms
Provides a complete list of Windows Forms controls, with links to information on their use.

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