DomainUpDown Control (Windows Forms)

The Windows Forms DomainUpDown control looks like a combination of a text box and a pair of buttons for moving up or down through a list. The control displays and sets a text string from a list of choices. The user can select the string by clicking up and down buttons to move through a list, by pressing the UP and DOWN ARROW keys, or by typing a string that matches an item in the list. One possible use for this control is for selecting items from an alphabetically sorted list of names. (To sort the list, set the Sorted property to true.) The function of this control is very similar to the list box or combo box, but it takes up very little space.

The key properties of the control are Items, ReadOnly, and Wrap. The Items property contains the list of objects whose text values are displayed in the control. If ReadOnly is set to false, the control automatically completes text that the user types and matches it to a value in the list. If Wrap is set to true, scrolling past the last item will take you to the first item in the list and vice versa. The key methods of the control are UpButton and DownButton.

This control displays only text strings. If you want a control that displays numeric values, use the NumericUpDown control. For more information, see NumericUpDown Control .

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DomainUpDown Control Overview
Introduces the general concepts of the DomainUpDown control, which allows users to browse through and select from a list of text strings.

How to: Add Items to Windows Forms DomainUpDown Controls Programmatically
Describes how to specify the text strings the DomainUpDown control should display.

How to: Remove Items from Windows Forms DomainUpDown Controls
Describes how to delete items from the DomainUpDown control in code.


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Describes this class and has links to all its members..

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