FontDialog Component Overview (Windows Forms)

The Windows Forms FontDialog component is a pre-configured dialog box, which is the standard Windows Font dialog box used to expose the fonts that are currently installed on the system. Use it within your Windows-based application as a simple solution for font selection in lieu of configuring your own dialog box.

By default, the dialog box shows list boxes for Font, Font style, and Size; check boxes for effects like Strikeout and Underline; a drop-down list for Script; and a sample of how the font will appear. (Script refers to different character scripts that are available for a given font, for example, Hebrew or Japanese.) To display the font dialog box, call the ShowDialog method.

Key Properties

The component has a number of properties that configure its appearance. The properties that set the dialog-box selections are Font and Color. The Font property sets the font, style, size, script, and effects; for example, Arial, 10pt, style=Italic, Strikeout.

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