How to: Set the Size of Status-Bar Panels


The ToolStripStatusLabel control replaces and adds functionality to the StatusBar control; however, the StatusBar control is retained for both backward compatibility and future use, if you choose.

Each instance of the StatusBarPanel class within a StatusBar Control control has a number of dynamic properties that determine its width and resize behavior at run time.

To set the size of a panel

  1. In a procedure, set the AutoSize, MinWidth, and Width properties (or any subset therein) for the status-bar panels using their index passed through the Panels property of the StatusBarPanel collection.

    Public Sub SetStatusBarPanelSize()  
    ' Create panel and set text property.  
    ' Set properties of panels.  
       StatusBar1.Panels(0).AutoSize = StatusBarPanelAutoSize.Spring  
       StatusBar1.Panels(0).Width = 200  
    ' Enable the StatusBar control to display panels.  
       StatusBar1.ShowPanels = True  
        End Sub  
    public void SetStatusBarPanelSize()  
       // Create panel and set text property.  
       // Set properties of panels.  
       statusBar1.Panels[0].AutoSize = StatusBarPanelAutoSize.Spring;  
       statusBar1.Panels[0].Width = 200;  
       statusBar1.ShowPanels = true;  
       void SetStatusBarPanelSize()  
          // Create panel and set text property.  
          // Set properties of panels.  
          statusBar1->Panels[0]->AutoSize =  
          statusBar1->Panels[0]->Width = 200;  
          statusBar1->ShowPanels = true;  

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