How to: Use ToolTips in ToolStrip Controls

You can display a ToolTip for the ToolStrip control you want by setting the control's ShowItemToolTips property to true.

To display a ToolTip

To use the ToolTipText property for the ToolTip text of a ToolStripButton

  1. Set the ShowItemToolTips property of the button to true.

  2. Set the ToolStripButton.AutoToolTip property of the button to false.

    The AutoToolTip property is true by default for ToolStripButton, ToolStripDropDownButton, and ToolStripSplitButton.

    A ToolStripButton uses its Text property for the ToolTip text by default. Use this procedure to display custom text in a ToolStripButtonToolTip.


If you set ToolStripItemDisplayStyle to None or Image, no text will appear on the button, but the tool tip still appears.

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