PrintPreviewControl Control Overview (Windows Forms)

The Windows Forms PrintPreviewControl is used to display a PrintDocument as it will appear when printed. This control has no buttons or other user interface elements, so typically you use the PrintPreviewControl only if you wish to write your own print-preview user interface. If you want the standard user interface, use a PrintPreviewDialog control; see PrintPreviewDialog Control Overview for an overview.

Key Properties

The control's key property is Document, which sets the document to be previewed. The document must be a PrintDocument object. For an overview of creating documents for printing, see PrintDocument Component Overview and Windows Forms Print Support. The Columns and Rows properties determine the number of pages displayed horizontally and vertically on the control. Antialiasing can make the text appear smoother, but it can also make the display slower; to use it, set the UseAntiAlias property to true.

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