TextBox Control (Windows Forms)

Windows Forms text boxes are used to get input from the user or to display text. The TextBox control is generally used for editable text, although it can also be made read-only. Text boxes can display multiple lines, wrap text to the size of the control, and add basic formatting. The TextBox control allows a single format for text displayed or entered in the control.

In This Section

TextBox Control Overview
Explains what this control is and its key features and properties.

How to: Control the Insertion Point in a Windows Forms TextBox Control
Gives directions for specifying where the insertion point appears when an edit control first gets the focus.

How to: Create a Password Text Box with the Windows Forms TextBox Control
Explains how to conceal what is typed into a text box.

How to: Create a Read-Only Text Box
Describes how to prevent the contents of a text box from being changed.

How to: Put Quotation Marks in a String
Explains adding quotation marks to a string in a text box.

How to: Select Text in the Windows Forms TextBox Control
Explains how to highlight text in a text box.

How to: View Multiple Lines in the Windows Forms TextBox Control
Describes how to make a text box scrollable.


TextBox class
Describes this class and has links to all its members.

Controls to Use on Windows Forms
Provides a complete list of Windows Forms controls, with links to information on their use.