How to: Test Point4D structures for equality and inequality

This example shows how to test Point4D structures for equality and inequality.

The following code illustrates how to test Point4D structures for equality and inequality using the Point4D equality methods. The Point4D structures are tested for equality using the overloaded equality (==) operator, then for inequality using the overloaded inequality (!=) operator, and finally a Point3D structure and a Point4D structure are checked for equality using the static Equals method.


// instantiate Points
Point4D point4D1 = new Point4D();
Point4D point4D2 = new Point4D(15, 40, 60, 75);
Point3D point3D1 = new Point3D(15, 40, 60);

// result variables
Boolean areEqual;
Boolean areNotEqual;
String stringResult;

// defining x,y,z,w of point1
point4D1.X = 10;
point4D1.Y = 5;
point4D1.Z = 1;
point4D1.W = 4;

// checking if Points are equal
areEqual = point4D1 == point4D2;

// areEqual is False

// checking if Points are not equal
areNotEqual = point4D1 != point4D2;
// areNotEqual is True

if (Point4D.Equals(point4D1, point3D1))
    // the if condition is not true, so this block will not execute
    stringResult = "Both objects are Point4D structures and they are equal";

    // the if condition is false, so this branch will execute
    stringResult = "Parameters are not both Point4D strucutres, or they are but are not equal";

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