ML.NET Guide

ML.NET is a free, open-source, and cross-platform machine learning framework that enables you to build custom machine learning solutions and integrate them into your .NET applications. This guide provides many resources about working with ML.NET.

For more information about ML.NET, see Introducing ML.NET: Cross-platform, Proven and Open Source Machine Learning Framework post on the .NET blog.

Get started

To get started with ML.NET, check out the Iris Petal Prediction quickstart or the more in-depth tutorials.

If you are new to machine learning, you can also review the Machine Learning Basics, where you'll find machine learning resources to assist you.

How the ML.NET guide is organized

There are several sections in the ML.NET Guide. You can read them in order, or jump directly to what interests you the most.


In this section, you find step-by-step tutorials that guide you through building custom machine learning models for common developer scenarios.


Find a list of machine learning terminology and their definitions.

API reference

Check out the ML.NET API Reference to see the breadth of APIs available.