Accessing the Computer's Ports (Visual Basic)

The My.Computer.Ports object provides a property and a method for accessing the computer's serial ports.

In This Section

How to: Show Available Serial Ports
Demonstrates how to show available serial ports.

How to: Dial Modems Attached to Serial Ports
Demonstrates how to dial a modem attached to the serial port of a computer.

How to: Send Strings to Serial Ports
Demonstrates how to send a string to a computer's serial port.

How to: Receive Strings From Serial Ports
Demonstrates how to receive a string from a computer's serial port.

Port Operations in the .NET Framework
Describes how to use the .NET Framework when performing port operations.


Describes the My.Computer.Ports object and its members.

Describes the SerialPortNames property, which gets a collection of the names of the serial ports on the computer.

Describes the OpenSerialPort method, which creates and opens a System.IO.Ports.SerialPort object.

Describes the .NET Framework SerialPort class.