Working with XML Namespaces (Visual Basic)

The topics in this section describe how LINQ to XML supports namespaces.

In This Section

Topic Description
Namespaces Overview (LINQ to XML) This topic introduces namespaces, the XName class, and the XNamespace class.
How to: Create a Document with Namespaces (LINQ to XML) (Visual Basic) Shows how to create documents with namespaces.
How to: Control Namespace Prefixes (Visual Basic) (LINQ to XML) Shows how to control namespace prefixes by declaring global namespaces.
Scope of Default Namespaces in Visual Basic Demonstrates the appropriate way to write queries for XML in the default namespace.
Working with Global Namespaces (Visual Basic) (LINQ to XML) Explains the semantics of global namespaces in Visual Basic, and reasons for using them.
How to: Write Queries on XML in Namespaces (Visual Basic) Demonstrates how to specify XML namespaces in Visual Basic LINQ to XML queries.

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