Specifies the name of the assembly that this module will be a part of.




Term Definition
assembly_name The name of the assembly that this module will be a part of.


The compiler processes the -moduleassemblyname option only if the -target:module option has been specified. This causes the compiler to create a module. The module created by the compiler is valid only for the assembly specified with the -moduleassemblyname option. If you place the module in a different assembly, run-time errors will occur.

The -moduleassemblyname option is needed only when the following are true:

  • A data type in the module needs access to a Friend type in a referenced assembly.

  • The referenced assembly has granted friend assembly access to the assembly into which the module will be built.

For more information about creating a module, see /target (Visual Basic). For more information about friend assemblies, see Friend Assemblies.


The -moduleassemblyname option is not available from within the Visual Studio development environment; it is available only when you compile from a command prompt.

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