Specifies how string comparisons are made.


-optioncompare:{binary | text}


You can specify -optioncompare in one of two forms: -optioncompare:binary to use binary string comparisons, and -optioncompare:text to use text string comparisons. By default, the compiler uses -optioncompare:binary.

In Microsoft Windows, the current code page determines the binary sort order. A typical binary sort order is as follows:

A < B < E < Z < a < b < e < z < À < Ê < Ø < à < ê < ø

Text-based string comparisons are based on a case-insensitive text sort order determined by your system's locale. A typical text sort order is as follows:

(A = a) < (À = à) < (B=b) < (E=e) < (Ê = ê) < (Z=z) < (Ø = ø)

To set -optioncompare in the Visual Studio IDE

  1. Have a project selected in Solution Explorer. On the Project menu, click Properties.

  2. Click the Compile tab.

  3. Modify the value in the Option Compare box.

To set -optioncompare programmatically

See Option Compare Statement.


The following code compiles ProjFile.vb and uses binary string comparisons.

vbc -optioncompare:binary projFile.vb

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