salesInvoices resource type

NEW VERSION This is v1.0 of the Business Central API. For the newest version, see Business Central API (V2.0).

Represents a sales invoice in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


For information about enabling APIs for Dynamics NAV see Enabling the APIs for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Method Return Type Description
GET salesInvoices salesInvoices Gets a sales invoice object.
POST salesInvoices salesInvoices Creates a sales invoice object.
PATCH salesInvoices salesInvoices Updates a sales invoice object.
DELETE salesInvoices none Deletes a sales invoice object.
Navigation Return type Description
pdfDocument pdfDocument Gets a PDF document.
currency currency Gets the currency.
paymentTerm paymentTerm Gets the paymentTerm.
shipmentMethod shipmentMethod Gets the method of shipment.
customer customer Gets the customer.
salesInvoiceLines salesInvoiceLines Gets a line on a sales invoice.


Property Type Description
id GUID The invoice ID. Non-editable.
number string, maximum size 20 The invoice number. Read-Only.
externalDocumentNumber string The external document number
invoiceDate date The invoice date.
customerPurchaseOrderReference string, maximum size 35 The customer purchase order reference for the invoice
dueDate date The date the invoice is due.
customerNumber string, maximum size 20 The customer number for the invoice.
contactId string, maximum size 250 The exchange contact id for the given customer. If a customer id is not specified, we will use the contact id to find it.
customerId GUID The id of the invoice customer.
customerName string, maximum size 50 The full name of the customer. Read-Only.
currencyId GUID The id of the invoice currency.
currencyCode string, maximum size 10 The currency code for the invoice.
email string, maximum size 80 Email for the customer, cash sales
phone string, maximum size 30 Phone number for the customer, cash sales
orderId GUID The unique id of the order to which the invoice is associated to. Read-Only.
orderNumber string, maximum size 20 The number of the order to which the invoice is associated to. Read-Only.
status string, maximum size 20 The invoice status. Status can be: Draft, In Review, Open, Paid, Canceled, or Corrective. Read-Only.
discountAmount numeric The invoice discount amount.
discountAppliedBeforeTax boolean Specifies whether the discount is applied before tax.
totalAmountExcludingTax numeric The total amount excluding tax. Read-Only.
totalTaxAmount numeric The total tax amount for the invoice. Read-Only.
totalAmountIncludingTax numeric The total amount for the invoice, including tax. Read-Only.
pricesIncludeTax boolean Specifies whether the prices include Tax or not. Read-Only.
billingPostalAddress complex The billing postal address for the invoice.
paymentTermsId GUID The id of the invoice payment term.
paymentTerms string, maximum size 10 The payment terms of the invoice.
shipmentMethodId GUID The id of the invoice shipment method.
shipmentMethod string, maximum size 10 The shipment method of the invoice.
salesperson string, maximum size 20 The salesperson code for the invoice.
lastModifiedDateTime datetime The last datetime the sales invoice was modified. Read-Only.
billToName string, maximum length 100 The name of the customer to bill.
billToCustomerId GUID Id of the customer to bill
billToCustomerNumber string, maximum length 20 Number of the customer to bill.
shipToName string, maximum size 100 Name of the customer in ship to address.
shipToContact string, maximum size 100 Ship to contact
sellingPostalAddress Microsoft.NAV.postalAddressType Selling postal address
billingPostalAddress Microsoft.NAV.postalAddressType Billing postal address
shippingPostalAddress Microsoft.NAV.postalAddressType Shipping postal adress


A Currency (currencyCode) must exist in the Currencies table.

A Payment Term (paymentTerms) must exist in the Payment Terms table.

A Shipment Method (shipmentMethod) must exist in the Shipment Method table.

A Customer (customerId) must exist in the Customer table.

An Order (orderId) must exist in the Sales Orders table.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

      "id": "GUID",
      "number": "string",
      "invoiceDate": "Date",
      "dueDate": "Date",
      "customerPurchaseOrderReference": "string",
      "customerId": "GUID",
      "contactId": "string",
      "customerNumber": "string",
      "customerName": "string",
      "billingPostalAddress": {NAV.PostalAddress},
      "currencyId": "GUID",
      "currencyCode": "string",
      "orderId": "GUID",
      "orderNumber": "string",
      "paymentTermsId": "GUID",
      "shipmentMethodId": "GUID",
      "shipmentMethod": "string",
      "salesperson": "string",
      "pricesIncludeTax": "boolean",
      "discountAmount": "decimal",
      "discountAppliedBeforeTax": "boolean",
      "totalAmountExcludingTax": "decimal",
      "totalTaxAmount": "decimal",
      "totalAmountIncludingTax": "decimal",
      "status": "string",
      "lastModifiedDateTime": "DateTime"

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