ATTACH Function (Debugger)

Activates the debugger and attaches it to the specified session.


[Ok :=] ATTACH(SessionID)   


Type: Integer

The ID of the session that you want to attach the debugger to.

The session can be any of the following:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client

  • NAS services session

  • SOAP web services client session

  • OData web services client session

  • Background session

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Boolean

true if the debugger is attached to a session; otherwise, false.

If you omit this optional return value and if the break is not set successfully, then a run-time error occurs. If you include the return value, then you must handle any errors.


The ATTACH function behaves like the Debug action on the Sessions page.

You can call either the ATTACH function or the ACTIVATE Function (Debugger) to activate the debugger.

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