Returns the name of a query column as a text string.


Name := Query.COLUMNNAME(Column)  


Type: Query

A variable that specifies the query object that contains the column.

Type: Text

Refers to the name of the query column. The name of a query column is specified by the Name Property of the column in Query Designer.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Text

The name of the specified column.


The COLUMNNAME function retrieves the name of the column as specified by its Name property and enables you to create actions based on the column name. If you want to retrieve the query column's caption, which displays in the user interface of the query, then call the COLUMNCAPTION Function instead.


The following example shows how to get the name for a column of a query. The query is called My Customer Query and has a column with the name Customer_No. This example requires that you create the following variables.

Variable name DataType Subtype Length
NameOfColumn Text Not applicable 64
MyQuery Query My Customer Query Not applicable
NameOfColumn := MyQuery.COLUMNNAME("Customer_No");  

The name of the column is stored in a text string.

The advantage of using this statement instead of assigning the column name in a statement, such as NameOfColumn := 'Customer_No';, is that the COLUMNNAME function dynamically adapts to any change to the column name that is made in the development environment. The NameOfColumn := 'Customer_No';statement performs a static assignment.

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