COPY Function (Record)

Copies a specified record, filters, marks, and keys that are associated with the record from a table or creates a reference to a record.


Record.COPY(FromRecord [, ShareTable])  


Type: Record

The record where the copy will be placed.

Type: Record

The record to copy.

Type: Boolean

Specifies whether the function copies filters, marks, and keys of the record or creates a reference to a temporary record.

If FromRecord and Record are both temporary and ShareTable is true, then the COPY function causes Record to reference the same table as FromRecord.


If ShareTable is true, then both Record and FromRecord must be temporary; otherwise an error will occur.

The default value is false. If you specify false, only filters, marks, and keys are copied.


The following example copies a record to another record in the Customer table. The GET Function (Record) retrieves record number 30000 from the Customer table and stores record in the sourceRecord variable. The COPY function copies the record that is stored in the sourceRecord to the destRecord. The ShareTable parameter is set to true because the Temporary Property for the both sourceRecord and destRecord are set to Yes to make the records temporary. If the record is copied, then a message indicating that the record is copied is displayed in a message box. Otherwise, a message indicating that the record is not copied is displayed. This example requires that you create the following variables and text constant in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType Subtype
sourceRecord Record Customer
destRecord Record Customer
Text constant name ConstValue
Text000 The record is copied.
Text001 The record is not copied.
IF sourceRecord.GET(30000) THEN BEGIN  
  destRecord.COPY(sourceRecord, TRUE);  

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