XMLport Data Type

You use XMLports to import and export data in .xml, .csv, or .txt format. XMLports make the process of exchanging data in XML between systems more simple and streamlined. You only need a basic knowledge of XML and you do not have to create XML documents using external products.

XMLports support multiple languages with the CaptionML Property.

XMLports support UTF-8, UTF-16, and ISO-8859-2 formats for XML.


For more information about how to design XMLports, see XMLport Objects.


The following methods are supported for the XMLport data type:

BREAK method (Report, XMLport)
EXPORT method (XMLport)
FILENAME method (XMLport)
IMPORT method (XMLport)
QUIT method (Report, XMLport)
RUN method (XMLport)
SETTABLEVIEW method (Page, Report, XMLport)
SKIP method (Report, XMLport)

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