Running C/SIDE and AL Side-by-Side

Dynamics NAV 2018 supports development using both C/SIDE and AL, as well as Designer side-by-side. When new objects are added or changed in C/SIDE these changes must be reflected in the symbol download in Visual Studio Code using the AL Language extension. To enable this reflection, a new command and argument has been added to finsql.exe called generatesymbolreference, run it as illustrated below.

Get started generating symbols and compiling all objects

Use the generatesymbolreference command specified with the database and server name. This command will add symbol references to the Object Metadata table for the specified database.


Run this command at least once to have a set of symbol references.

Syntax example

finsql.exe Command=generatesymbolreference, Database="Demo Database NAV (11-0)", ServerName=.\NAVDEMO


This is a lengthy operation.

Continuously generate symbols each time you compile objects in C/SIDE

Use generatesymbolreference set to yes as a command line argument each time you start finsql.exe to have all compilations add a symbol reference to the Object Metadata table. The default setting of the argument is no.


If you make changes in C/SIDE and start the C/SIDE development environment without the generatesymbolreference flag set to yes, no symbols will be generated when downloading symbols from Visual Studio Code.

Syntax example

finsql.exe generatesymbolreference=yes

Dynamics NAV Server setting

To allow any symbol generation, you must also enable the EnableSymbolLoadingAtServerStartup setting in the Dynamcis NAV server settings. For more information, see Configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.

If the setting is not enabled, the generatesymbolreference setting does not have any effect.

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