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Gets or sets the time zone property in a SessionSettings object.


[CurrTimeZone :=] SessionSettings.TIMEZONE([NewTimeZone])  


Type: Text

Specifies the time zone property in the SessionsSettings object.

The value must be a valid Windows time zone name, such as UTC or Pacific Standard Time. For a list of Windows time zones, see Time Zone IDs.

The available time zones are defined in your computer's system registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones.

Return Value

Type: Text

The time zone set in the SessionSettings object.


This example creates a SessionSettings object that is populated with the current client user's personalization data, and then uses the TIMEZONE method to set the time zone to 'UTC' (Coordinated Universal Time). Finally, the REQUESTSESSIONUPDATE method sends a request to the client to abnandon the current session and start a new session that uses the new profile ID. This example requires a SessionSettings data type variable.

var MySessionSettings : SessionSettings; begin MySessionSettings.INIT; MySessionSettings.TIMEZONE('UTC'); MySessionSettings.REQUESTSESSIONUPDATE(false); end;

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