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TYPE Method (FieldRef)

Gets the data type of the field that is currently selected.


Type := FieldRef.TYPE  


Type: FieldRef

Refers to the current field.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: The data type of the field.


The following example opens the Customer table as a RecordRef variable that is named CustomerRecref. The code loops through fields 1 to 5 and creates a FieldRef that is named MyFieldRef for each field that is selected. MyFieldRef.TYPE retrieves the data of each field and displays it in a message box. This example requires that you create the following global variables and text constants.

Variable name DataType
CustomerRecref RecordRef
MyFieldRef FieldRef
varType Variant
Text constant ENU value
Text000 Field %1 is a %2 data type.

FOR i := 1 TO 5 DO BEGIN  
  MyFieldRef := CustomerRecref.FIELD(i);  
  MESSAGE(Text000, i, MyFieldRef.TYPE);  

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