Gets the current display name for a company as it is stored in the system table 2000000006 Company.



Return Value

Type: Text

The display name of the company as specified in the Display Name field in the Company table. If no display name is specified, the company name that is stored in the Name field is returned.


As is the case with the standard reports in the Dynamics NAV base application, you can use this function to show the company display name instead of the company name in generated reports. The function is intended to be used in the dataitem columns of a report dataset that represent the company name. For example, in existing reports that show the company name, this function enables you to change the reports to show the display name instead of the company name; without having to change the report layout. In columns where the data source is specified by the COMPANYNAME function, you just replace the source expression with CompanyProperty.DisplayName. (Note: In this scenario, do not change the column name because that will be a breaking change with respect to layouts using the dataset).


This example requires that you create the following variables.

Variable name DataType Length
MyCompanyName Text 30
MyDisplayName Text 30
Name ConstValue
Text000 Company ''%1'' uses display name ''%2''.
myDisplayName := CompanyProperty.DisplayName;
myCompanyName := COMPANYNAME;

MESSAGE(Text000, myCompanyName, myDisplayName); 

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