ExtendedDataType Property

Sets the extended data type of a control.

Applies To

  • Page Fields

  • Table Fields


The value of this property overrides the value of the table field and it converts a text field into the selected extended data type.

The property affects the layout and behavior of controls on a page. Use it to add an icon next to an input field to indicate whether the field relates to a telephone number, email address, or URL. This property applies validation to the field.

Extended datatypes can only be used on specific field types according to the following table:

Extended Data Type Valid Field Types Description
None Any No conversion is applied.
Phone No. Text, Code When the field type is interpreted as a phone number, the client will show dial actions.
URL Text, Code When the field type is interpreted as a URL the text will be handled as a hyperlink. Pressing the hyperlink will open the URL using the systems default browser application.
Email Text, Code The text will be handled as a hyperlink and use the standard mail handler for actions.
Ratio Integer, BigInteger, Decimal The text is handled as a progress bar.
Masked Any Displays the value as dots. This will only have effect on fields, where the user can enter and display textual data (including numbers, time, date etc.)
Person Media, MediaSet This will show a customization of image rendering following the client’s person related style. The default is to show the person’s thumbnail picture in a circle.
Resource Text, Code The client will use the field content as a bitmap resource name from which it will load a brick icon.

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