FIELD Function (RecordRef)

Gets a FieldRef for the field that has the number FieldNo in the table that is currently selected. If no field has this number, the function returns an error.


FieldRef := RecordRef.FIELD(FieldNo)  


Type: RecordRef

The RecordRef of the record for which you want the fieldref.

Type: Integer

The number that the field has in the table that is currently selected. This is the field for which you want the fieldref.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: FieldRef


This function returns an error if the record is not opened and if the field is not found.

You might obtain better performance by using the FIELDINDEX Function (RecordRef).


The following example opens table 18 (Customer) as a RecordRef variable that is named MyRecordRef. MyRecordRef uses the FIELD function to create a reference to the No. field (field 1). The value in the No. field is then set to a specified record No. In this example, the record is set to 30000. The FIND Function (RecordRef) function searches the records for record 30000. If record is found, the FIELD function retrieves the value in the Name field (field 2), stores it in the varOldName variable and displays it in a message box. The VALUE Function (FieldRef, TestPage Field) changes the value in the Name field to a new name. In this example, the new name is ‘Contoso’. The table is then modified to reflect this change and the new value in the Name field is retrieved and displayed in a message box. You can specify any record in the table and change the value in the Name field. This example requires that you create the following variables in the C/AL Globals window.

Name DataType
MyRecordRef RecordRef
MyFieldRef FieldRef
varOldName FieldRef
varNewName Text
MyRecord Code

MyRecord := '30000';  
varNewName := 'Contoso';  
MyFieldRef := MyRecordRef.FIELD(1);  
MyFieldRef.VALUE := MyRecord;  
IF MyRecordRef.FIND('=') THEN BEGIN  
  varOldName := MyRecordRef.FIELD(2);  
  MESSAGE('Old Name: %1', varOldName);  
  varOldName.VALUE := varNewName;  
  MESSAGE('New Name: %1', MyRecordRef.FIELD(2));  

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