Creating an RDLC Report Layout in Dynamics NAV

To create an RDLC report layout, you use Visual Studio Report Designer.

To create an RDLC report layout

  1. Open the report for which you want to create the layout as follows.

    1. In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer.

    2. In Object Designer, choose Report, select the report, and then choose the Design button.

  2. On the View menu, choose Layout.

    Visual Studio opens. The dataset in Visual Studio contains the dataset items that you added in Report Dataset Designer.

  3. Use Visual Studio Report Designer to add items from the dataset to the report and design the layout of the report. For more information, see Defining a Report Layout (Visual Studio Report Designer).

  4. In Visual Studio, on the File menu, choose Save report.rdlc, and then close Visual Studio.

  5. In Report Dataset Designer, select a new row. A dialog box shows the following message:

    The layout of report id: ' <report ID> ' is changed by another application.

    Filename of the changed RDLC: ‘ <filename>

    Do you want to load the changes?

  6. In the dialog box, choose Yes to load the changes that you made to the RDLC layout into the report.

  7. In the development environment, on the File menu, choose Save.

  8. In the Save dialog box, select Compiled, and then choose OK.

  9. To run the new report, in Object Designer, select the report and then choose Run.

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