How to: Modify ADCS Functions

To implement or change the functionality of a miniform function, you must create a new codeunit or modify an existing one. You can learn more about ADCS functionality by examining codeunits such as 7705. That codeunit shows how a Card-type miniform works.

Any change to an ADCS miniform, other than the addition of an output or text field, must be reflected in the code in the miniform-specific codeunit.

Each codeunit must contain the following functions.

Function Description
OnRun Required. Every miniform-specific codeunit must receive a Miniform Header record as a parameter, passed by variance. If this is the first call to the codeunit, the codeunit sends the XML document. If the user has entered some data, the function runs the ProcessInput function to process the user's data.
ProcessInput Must appear in all Card-type miniform-specific codeunits. This function processes the user's input. For example, in codeunit 7705, this function reacts to the entry of a User ID, a Password, or the ESC function. Since this is a Card-type miniform, the function also reacts when the user enters data in the last field in the form.
PrepareData Sets the active input field and sends the form.
SendForm Required. This function sends the prepared XML form.

You can use the following codeunits as templates when creating new miniform-specific codeunits.

Miniform Type Sample Codeunit
Card 7705
Selection list 7706
Data list 7712
Data list input 7713

To add support for a function key

  1. The following example code is added to the .xsl file for the plug-in. This creates a function for the F6 key. The key sequence information can be obtained from the device manufacturer.

    <xsl:template match="Function[.='F6']">  
      <Function Key1="27" Key2="91" Key3="49" Key4="55" Key5="126" Key6="0"><xsl:value-of select="."/></Function>  
  2. In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, open table 7702, and add a code representing the new key. This example creates a key called F6.

  3. Add C/AL code to the relevant function of the miniform-specific codeunit to handle the function key.