How to: View or Modify Properties on a Table or Field

Use the following procedure to view or modify properties for a table or a field.

To view or modify table or field properties

  1. On the Tools menu, choose Object Designer.

    Object Designer appears.

  2. Choose Table to view the list of tables.

  3. Select a table and then choose Design.

    The table opens in Table Designer.

  4. To modify table properties, place the cursor on an empty line in Table Designer. Press F3 to create an empty line if one does not exist.


    To modify field properties, place the cursor on the field in the table.

  5. Choose View and then choose Properties.

    The Properties window appears.

  6. To modify a property value, enter the new value in the Properties window. After entering the new value, update the property by pressing ENTER or by choosing outside of the property.

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