Including Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect on Role Centers

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 includes a control add-in that you can use on Role Centers to display role-based content from Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect. Connect is a Web service that distributes Microsoft Dynamics product and business information from sources such as CustomerSource and the Microsoft Dynamics community. The information that Connect provides on a Role Center is based on the Role Center's profile or a profile that the Role Center user chooses. If the content is available in different languages, then content is displayed in the language that matches language that is defined for the Role Center user.

To set up a Role Center with Connect, you create a card part page that contains the Connect control add-in and then use the card part page on the Role Center. For more information, How to: Include Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect on Role Centers.

If you have installed the Dynamics NAV demo database, then Connect is already added by default on several Role Centers.

Supported Profiles and Default Role Centers

The following table lists the Role Center profiles that are supported by Connect and the Role Centers that use the profiles by default when you install the Dynamics NAV demo database.


Whether the Connect part is visible on a Role Center is specified by the Visible Property of the Role Center page.

Role Center ID Profile ID Visible by default
9000 Shipping and Receiving - WMS no
9001 Accounting Manager yes
9002 Accounts Payable Coordinator no
9003 Accounts Receivable Administrator no
9004 Bookkeeper no
9005 Sales Manager yes
9006 Order Processor no
9007 Purchasing Agent no
9008 Shipping and Receiving no
9010 Production Planner yes
9011 Shop Supervisor - Foundation no
9012 Shop Supervisor no
9014 Resource Manager yes
9015 Project Planner yes
9016 Dispatcher no
9018 IT Manager yes
9019 President yes
9020 President - Small Business yes

User Personalization of Connect

If a Role Center is set up with Connect, then a user has the following options to personalize the Role Center:

  • Show or hide the page part that contains Connect.

    The user can do this by choosing the Customize button in the Role Center. For more information, see the Dynamics NAV Help from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

  • Change the profile that is used by Connect.

    The user changes the profile from within the Connect content. The profile that the use selects overrides the profile that is assigned to the Role Center.

  • Sign in to Windows Liveā„¢.

    When a user signs in to Windows Live, additional content is available that is based on the user's CustomerSource account.

Information Sent from the Role Center to Connect

When a Role Center opens, the Connect control add-in sends the following information about the Dynamics NAV software over the Internet to Microsoft:

  • Product name

  • Product version

  • Some license information, but not the license number

  • Country/region version

  • Language

  • Profile, which is based on the Role Center ID

Internet Access and Security

If you make Connect available to users, then they will require Internet access to use the service. If you have not previously offered Internet access to users, then you should consider the security implications before implementing Connect. For more information, see Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect.

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