Integrating Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office

Dynamics NAV includes several features that work with Microsoft Office products, including Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook, and SharePoint. Some of the features require only that Office is installed on or accessible from the devices that are running the Dynamics NAV clients, whereas other features require additional configuration. Depending on the feature, some configuration tasks are performed on the Dynamics NAV deployment environment, such as configuring the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance. These tasks are typically done by the system or IT administrator. Other tasks are performed on the application from the Dynamics NAV clients, such as configuring user accounts. These tasks are typically done by the business application administrator.

The following table describes the available features:

Office Product Feature Information
Excel and Word Users can send Dynamics NAV data on pages to Excel, Word, or in an email. The basic requirement for this feature is that Office is accessible from the clients. For more information, see:

How to: Send Data to Other Programs

Default Behavior When Sending Documents to Office

If users have exported data from Dynamics NAV to Excel, they can refresh Excel to get the latest data from Dynamics NAV. If they made changes to the data in Excel, then these changes are overwritten when they refresh the data. This feature requires that you install the Microsoft Office Excel Add-In on the client by using the Dynamics NAV Setup. For more information, see:
Client Option in Setup

How to: Refresh Data from Excel

Users can work with data from list pages in Excel. Users can get fresh data from Dynamics NAV and update the data in Dynamics NAV based on their work in Excel. Setting up the Excel Add-In for Editing Data

When users export Dynamics NAV documents to Excel, Word, or other Microsoft Office products, the data can be stored on SharePoint Online and accessed using Office 365. Integrating with Office 365 and SharePoint Online
OneNote Users can synchronize notes from OneNote with Dynamics NAV, and also use OneNote to share pictures, recordings, and other instructions across a company. Integrating with Microsoft OneNote
Outlook Users can synchronize data, such as to-dos, contacts, and tasks, between Dynamics NAV and Outlook. Microsoft Office Outlook Add-In

Users can complete Dynamics NAV business tasks from their Outlook inbox. Dynamics NAV customer or vendor information is available in Outlook emails and calendar appointments. Users to create, send, and view Dynamics NAV business documents, such a sales quotes and invoices to a contact, directly in emails. Setting Up the Office Add-Ins for Outlook Inbox Integration

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