Key Virtual Table

The Key virtual table (ID 2000000063) contains information about the keys that are defined in each table in the database.

The Key virtual table contains the following fields. These fields cannot be modified.

Field Description
TableNo The ID number for the table.
No. The number of the key.
TableName The name of the table.
Key The fields that make up the key.
SumIndexField The SumIndexFields that are defined for this key.
SQLIndex The actual fields that have been defined in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and are used in the corresponding index on SQL Server instead of those defined in the key.
Enabled Whether the index is enabled.
MaintainSQLIndex Whether the MaintainSQLIndex property has been activated.
MaintainSIFTIndex Whether the MaintainSIFTIndex property has been activated.
Clustered Whether the key is clustered.

You must create a tabular-type page to access the Key virtual table. For more information, see How to: Create a Page to View a Virtual Table.

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