LENGTH Function (BigText)

Retrieves the length of a BigText variable.


Length := BigText.LENGTH  

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Integer

The length of the BigText variable.


To delete the content in a BigText variable use the CLEAR Function. The syntax for the CLEAR function is shown in the following code snippet: CLEAR(BigText).


The following example demonstrates how to retrieve the length of a BigText variable. This example requires that you create the following variables and text constant in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType
MyBigText BigText
VarLength Integer
Text constant name ENU value
Text000 VarLength = %1

In this example, the BigText variable is initialized with the text ‘ABCDEFG’. The length, which is 7, is stored in the VarLength variable and displayed in a message box.

VarLength := MyBigText.LENGTH;  
MESSAGE(Text000, VarLength);  

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