OnBeforeTestRun Trigger

Executed before a test function of a test codeunit is run.


OnBeforeTestRun(CodeunitID : Integer; CodeunitName : Text[30]; FunctionName : Text[128]; TestPermissions : Text) Ok : Boolean)


Type: Integer

Specifies the ID of the codeunit to be run.

Type: Text

The name of the test codeunit to be run.

Type: Text

Specifies the name of the test function to be run.


This parameter is empty when the OnBeforeTestRun trigger is called for the entire test codeunit.


Type: TestPermissions

Specifies the permission set level to use on the test run. The value is retrieved from the TestPermissions property of the test codeunit or test function that is run. The parameter accepts the following values:

  • Disabled
  • Restrictive
  • NonRestrictive
  • InheritFromTestCodunit - Specifies that a test the function uses the TestPermissions property setting of the test codeunit to which it belongs.

For more information, see Testing With Permission Sets.

Return Value

Type: Boolean

true to run the test function; otherwise, false. This value is checked after each function call.

Applies To

Test runner codeunits. Test runner codeunits have the SubType Property (Codeunit) set to TestRunner.


This trigger is optional and not available on a test runner codeunit by default. To implement this trigger, you must manually add it as a function.


A test runner codeunit manages the execution of test codeunits that are run from its OnRun function. When a test codeunit runs, it executes each test function in the codeunit, one at a time. The OnBeforeTestRun trigger is called before the test codeunit, the OnRun function, and each test function.

You can use the OnBeforeTestRun triggers to perform preprocessing, such as general initialization and logging, or to automate tests by integrating the test runner codeunit with a test management framework.

By using the TestPermissions parameter, you can add code to control which permission sets, if any, to test.

The OnBeforeTestRun trigger is run in its own database transaction.

For more information, see Testing the Application and How to: Create a Test Runner Codeunit.


The following OnBeforeTestRun trigger code initializes a logging variable and returns true to indicate that the test function should execute. This example requires that you create the following global variable.

Name DataType
Before DateTime

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