Resolving OnBeforeTestRun and OnAfterTestRun Trigger Errors When Converting a Database

Use the development environment to change the signature of the C/AL OnBeforeTestRun and OnAfterTestRun trigger functions of the test runner codeunits to include the TestPermissions parameter.

OnBeforeTestRun trigger before change:

OnBeforeTestRun(CodeunitID : Integer;CodeunitName : Text[30];FunctionName : Text[128];) Ok : Boolean)

OnBeforeTestRun trigger after change:

OnBeforeTestRun(CodeunitID : Integer;CodeunitName : Text[30];FunctionName : Text[128];FunctionTestPermissions : TestPermissions) Ok : Boolean)

OnAfterTestRun trigger before change:

OnAfterTestRun(CodeunitID : Integer;CodeunitName : Text[30];FunctionName : Text[128];Success : Boolean)

OnAfterTestRun trigger after change:

OnAfterTestRun(CodeunitID : Integer;CodeunitName : Text[30];FunctionName : Text[128];FunctionTestPermissions : TestPermissions;Success : Boolean)

If you do not change the signature, you will get errors when you compile these objects.

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