Restores archived data for a specified table of an extension during installation.


[Ok :=] RESTOREARCHIVEDATA (TableNo[, RunTriggers])  


Type: Integer

Specifies the ID of the extension table whose archive data you want to restore.

Type: Boolean

Specifies whether to run the table and field triggers to run when restoring the data to the table.

If the parameter is true, triggers will be run; if false or omitted, the triggers will not be run.

Return Value

Type: Boolean

true, if the archived data was restored for the specified table; otherwise false.

If you omit this optional return value and if archived data cannot be restored for the specified table, then a run-time error occurs. If you include a return value, then it is assumed that you will handle any errors and no run-time error occurs, even though the archived data is not restored.


You use this function as part of the upgrade code for an extension, where it is called from the OnNavAppUpgradePerDatabase() or OnNavAppUpgradePerCompany() system functions. When an extension is uninstalled, the data in application tables of the extension is automatically stored into a set of special tables so that the data is still preserved. With the RESTOREARCHIVEDATA function, you can restore the archived data to the application table of the new version of an extension when it is installed. For more information and sample code, see Upgrading Extensions and How to: Write Extension Upgrade Code.

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