This section contains the following topics:

  • BigText Data Type

  • Code Data Type

  • Text Data Type

  • BigText Functions

  • String Functions

    We recommend the following guidelines for using the BigText, Code, and Text data types:

  • Use the BigText data type for large documents.

  • If a text field is part of a primary key, then use the Code data type.

  • If a text field has a TableRelation, then use the Code data type.

  • If the field is assigned values from a Code field, then use the Code data type. For example, if the Document No. field in the G/L Entry table is copied from the primary key field No. in the Sales Header or Purchase Header table, then use the Code data type for the Document No. field.

  • For all other text fields, use the Text data type.

    In addition to the system functions that are available for string data types, you can also use C/AL operators on strings. For example, to concatenate two strings, use the + operator. For more information, see C/AL Operators.