System Tables in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

System tables are stored in the database just like other database tables. However, unlike other database tables, they are created automatically. The information in system tables is closely related to the Database Management System (DBMS), which uses the system tables to manage, for example, system security and permissions.

You can read, write, modify, and delete the information in system tables.


The system tables are required for Dynamics NAV to work as intended. If you modify a system table, programmatically or otherwise, you risk damaging the behavior of Dynamics NAV. Also, any changes that you make to a system table may be not valid in a future version of Dynamics NAV.

If you change data in the Object table programmatically, such as changing a table definition in your C/AL code, the changes will not take effect. If you want to change an existing object, you must do so in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment. For more information, see Designing Application Objects.

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