Troubleshooting: Tenant 'default' is not accessible

When you start a Dynamics NAV client, you get the following error.

Tenant 'default' is not accessible

In a multitenant deployment, default will be replaced by the ID of the tenant that the client is trying to connect to.


This error is most likely caused by the tenant having the state OperationalWithSyncPending. A tenant will have the OperationalWithSyncPending state if changes have been made to one or more application tables, but the schema changes have not been synchronized with the tenant.

To verify the state of the tenant, run the Get-NAVTenant cmdlet.

If the state is OperationalWithSyncPending, you must synchronize the tenant with the application in order for clients to be able to connect. For more information, see How to: Synchronize the Tenant Database with the Application Database.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance has a configuration setting, called Allow Session While Sync Pending, that you can change to allow client connections when the tenant is in this state. For more information, see Configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.

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