Start Data Upgrade

Specifies how to run the data upgrade.

To open this window, on the Tools menu, choose Data Upgrade, and then choose the Start.

The following table describes the options in the Start Data Upgrade window.

Option Description
Execution mode Specifies how to run the Upgrade functions in upgrade codeunits.

- Parallel runs the Upgrade functions at the same time. This is the default setting.
- Serial runs the Upgrade functions one after the other (sequentially).

For more information, see Parallel and Serial Execution Modes for Upgrade Codeunit Functions.
Continue on Error Specifies whether the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance continues to execute other Upgrade functions in the Upgrade codeunits when an error occurs while executing an upgrade function.

If you clear this check box, when an error occurs, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance will suspend the data upgrade process. It will cancel the execution of upgrade functions currently in progress and roll back any changes that were applied. Completed functions will not be rolled back. This is the default setting.
Show Progress Specifies whether to display the progress window during the data update process. The progress windows provides the state of the database, details about the current operation, such as errors, and a

You can always view the progress from the Tools menu by selecting Data Upgrade, and then Show Progress.

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