More personalized and guided assistance


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts October 2019

Business value

To focus on selling, sellers can benefit from a personal assistant that knows their specific context and is available to help across all interactions with Dynamics 365. The assistant can offer guidance and in-the-moment suggestions for the next best course of action, helping to advance every customer engagement.

Feature details

Assistant in Microsoft Teams: The new assistant in Teams helps sellers be proactive, productive, and personal, offering timely insights and freeing time to focus on relationships. Supported in Teams mobile application.

  • Prepare for your day: Get a digest of important customer engagements and key information, all in a single place. Receive personalized insights during every phase of the sales journey.
  • Prepare for meetings: Arrive informed and prepared to meetings by reviewing a summary of customer interactions across the team, as well as latest news about the customer. Learn who in your company knows the meeting attendees and receive talking points based on past conversations, all helping to build rapport and start the meeting smoothly.
  • Next best action: Nothing falls between the cracks with the insights feed, proactively offering next best-action suggestions throughout the day. Sales operations can customize the insights feed, adapting to specific processes and guidelines of the organization.
  • Follow up after a meeting: Transform note taking. Instead of tediously typing handwritten notes into Dynamics 365 after a meeting, save time by using your phone's camera to capture the notes and analyze them, using optical character recognition to convert writing into text.
  • Capture business cards: Save time manually entering contacts with the new business card scanner. Easily use your phone's camera to capture business cards, analyze, and save relevant information as new contacts in Dynamics 365.

Assistant in Sales Insights for managers: Assistant displays relevant insights on each seller to help managers recognize issues that require immediate attention or action. By tying together Dynamics 365 sale outcomes and processes with Office 365 activities and sales calls, the assistant can surface out-of-box coaching insights to help managers and sellers directly in the app.