Support for performant data upgrade from C/AL tables to AL tables


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically August 01, 2019 October 2019

Business value

When converting customers with on-premises C/AL code customized solutions to an AL-based solution, data must be carried forward from the former to the latter as part of the upgrade process.

Feature details

When you convert C/AL to AL code customizations, such as the conversion of the Business Central base application to AL, there will likely be a need to transfer data for existing customers from "old C/AL" tables to "new AL" tables. To support this, we rename tables by adding the AL extension's AppId as part of the table names.

Using the PowerShell cmdlet Sync-NAVApp, partners can convert all C/AL tables to AL tables with minimal database overhead and without the need to write any upgrade code. The command Sync-NAVApp -Mode BaseAppUpgrade renames tables on the tenant database to conform to the naming convention for AL tables. This corresponds to the technical platform upgrade for a tenant, bringing the table structure from the base application to the table structure for extensions.