Pick-line grouping


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts August 2019 October 2019

Feature details

Pick-line grouping setup allows users to dynamically group together and aggregate multiple pick lines into a single pick execution step on a mobile device. The system groups together all pick lines with a matching dimension set, namely item ID and location ID, and the user will only have to visit the pick location once for a single work order with multiple matching pick lines. This feature offers faster execution of picking work and reduces worker pick path significantly in certain scenarios. The functionality is applied automatically via the setup of the mobile device. All matching pick lines and associated transactions of the work order being processed will be updated by the system mutually. The work order structure will remain as initially created, and the lines will not be aggregated within the client. However, the pick lines should be sorted by item ID for this functionality to work.