Put to wall/Put to store


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts August 2019 October 2019

Feature details

With this feature, you can handle scenarios where consolidation of product to a prepack staging area based on configurable criteria is required. Companies shipping to stores or handling small items will benefit from this functionality due to decreased picking timeā€”it allows for picking to a single target license plate, and it can leverage a greater number of put positions than cluster picking. The put-to-wall workflow directs picked products to a sorting location for distribution into various types of containers. Generally, each sorting location includes multiple sort positions. Each sort position is assigned according to the criteria set by the business process, most commonly destination, store, shipment, or load.

Once the product is picked, it is taken to the sorting station and distributed to the sort position by the quantity associated to the order, destination, shipment, or load. When a container is full or complete, it is moved to a staging location or a shipping location for further handling, depending on the business process. Technically, the put-to-wall functionality allows for individual items or quantities to be taken from the target license plate assigned during picking, sorted to a sort position, and assigned to a sort license plate, typically representing a container. As the sort position is closed, work is created according to the warehouse management setup.