Improved CDX scalability through Cloud Async Client

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End users, automatically This feature is released. Aug 2, 2019 This feature is released. Oct 1, 2019

Business value

Commerce Data Exchange (CDX) is the critical process of generating, making available, downloading, and applying crucial business data to Channel databases and Offline databases. This unseen core architecture is vital and must function with speed and efficiency. This feature migrates the Async Client out of headquarters to better use the full complement of Azure capacity. This feature enhances the scalability, performance, and availability of the CDX architecture to more quickly generate data, more efficiently make it available, and enhance bandwidth to Async Clients within Modern POS for the offline database or to the Channel database.

Feature details

CDX is no longer directly a part of headquarters. By enhancing this into its own Azure service, there are no resources to compete with. Instead, the full scalability and strength of Azure is behind it to give the fullest complement of current and future improvements possible.