Technician time-capture precision

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Business value

Dynamics 365 Field Service has supported capture of booking timestamps when the underlying Field Service states are changed. However, many customers need to capture timestamps at the more granular frequency of the change of booking status. They use this to drive increased accuracy of costing, better understanding of where time goes on each booking and work order, or other extension scenarios. This is now supported via configuration in Field Service.

Feature details

Field Service has introduced this configuration setting to simplify implementations for Field Service customers and to allow customers the flexibility of deciding the level of detail they wish to capture when performing work.

This includes:

  • Define in Field Service settings the frequency at which timestamps will be captured for each booking.
  • Enabling the system to respect that setting regardless of whether the booking status change occurs on the mobile device or via a web browser.
  • Capturing appropriate details on the relevant timestamps.
  • When a time entry is created from a timestamp, ensure that the time entry holds the right level of detail depending on the org's setting.


This feature is available in Unified Interface only.

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