Restore synchronization defaults for Common Data Service integration for selected Integration Table Mapping

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End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Sep 8, 2020 This feature is released. Oct 1, 2020

Business value

When integrating Business Central and Common Data Service, you can use integration table and field mappings to configure how data maps between the services. When things go wrong with one or more mappings, it's now easy to reset them to their default setups, without affecting other mappings.

Feature details

You can now reset configuration changes made to integration table and field mappings for selected integration table mappings. Previously, you had to reset defaults for all table and field mappings. Now you can reset integration table mappings to their default settings by choosing Use Default Synchronization Setup for selected integration table mappings.

Shows Use Default Synchronization Setup action in Integration Table Mappings page

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