Highly performant and scalable customer search experience using the new cloud search infrastructure


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Mar 12, 2021 Apr 2021

Business value

Customer data is the lifeblood for businesses and yet almost all businesses run into the problem of duplicate customer records. Data cleanup is very costly yet essential for many business lines to perform effectively, such as marketing departments. Often, duplicate records result from a poor customer search experience in the stores at the point of sale (POS). If a sales associate cannot easily find the customer record, they might end up creating a new record, resulting in data duplication. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a snappy customer search experience for associates that also provides flexibility to search by various customer properties.

Feature details

With this enhancement, retailers will be able to easily switch their current customer search experience from SQL-based search to cloud-powered search. With this switch, retailers will not only see performance improvements but also benefit from rich refinement and improved relevance capabilities. This new search will automatically scale up to meet business needs and perform efficiently even with large customer data sets.

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